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When I first came to this country, it was the smells, the tastes and the colors that made me want to stay. For me travelling was always about food and eating. Some of my best experiences in every country I visited were connected to sharing a meal with strangers. Going into a restaurant where I didn't know what to expect, or tasting something I never imagined exists on this little planet called earth. A few week after arriving in this beautiful, bustling country, I ran into a problem. I didn't know anymore what I tried, what I want to try and what other delicious meals are still waiting for me. Luckily I soon found a special someone in Korea that helped me discover so many more dishes that I never would have found without her. But what if I didn't have her? Would my experience in Korea have been as good? Absolutely not. And that's when I came up with the idea for this site. It should help travelers, expats and everyone interested in korean food find what they like, find what they don't know yet and give them an opportunity to share it with their friends. I hope this will help you on your culinary adventures in Korea. And if you find anything that you like, don't like, that's wrong or simply want to share some thoughts; hit me up on twitter or facebook.

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